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I Tried Rebecca Taylor RNTD, Here’s My Opinion

I began the Rebecca Taylor (RT) RNTD service in early January as a way to work more of the items into my closet. Since I started, I have received three boxes and I have purchased one item. There are numerous clothing rental services on the market to choose from, (in fact, I just saw today that Diane Von Furstenberg has one now), including Nuuly from The URBN Brands (Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters), Loft and Ann Taylor, Vince and several others – so it can be hard to select the one or two that would truly work for you. This is the first clothing rental service I opted to try and I have been pleasantly surprised so far. Will I continue? At this point, I am not sure. Perhaps you will help me decide.

Why I choose the Rebecca Taylor RTND Service:

1. Unlimited shipments per month for $159 plus tax ($172)
2. Rebecca Taylor clothing isn’t cheap… $159/mo. vs. $150-$500+ each item
3. Good size library of items available in my size and new additions every week
4. The “Prioritize” feature (more on this below)
5. The “Return Notify” feature (more on this below)

Before I chose the RT service, I did my research. The problem was, there weren’t very many people reviewing this particular service. There were people reviewing other services though. Because I am also a huge fan of Anthropologie, I was considering their service as well. However, I learned through reviews that they only allow one box per month. Well, if you are a standard size and know what works for you, that might not bother you. But for myself, a non-standard size and hard to fit, I like the idea of being able to send items back immediately to switch them out. With the RT service, you can do just that. In fact, that is how I have managed to receive three boxes in a month’s time.

What I Really Like About the Service:

  1. Return Notify
    This is perhaps the most awesome part of the service! I can go on the site and select “Return Item” and they will mail me out a new set of four before they even receive the ones in my possession. In fact, (I am horrible at shipping things) I had my first and second rounds in my possession and shipped them all back at the sane time! Of course, that’s likely not how it is supposed to be done, but they didn’t give me flack for it – which I appreciated.
  2. Prioritize Items
    The system also allows you to prioritize items you would like to come ASAP. In my first two shipments I received all prioritized items. In my third (pictured below) I received three priority and one that wasn’t. This doesn’t bother me though. I went and prioritized things I really liked rather than things needed for a special occasion or something along those lines. So the order in which I get them doesn’t bother me.
  3. The Catalog and Item Reviews
    There are quite a few items available in the catalog to choose from. The filter functions are also nice so you can filter out what isn’t available in your size. I am an XL/14-16 in RT styles and there are plenty of selections for me to choose from. The reviews from other renters are also extremely helpful because it helps you select the proper size and know how it would fit. For instance – there was a blouse I adored, but the reviews said it was very cropped. So I opted not to select it because I know I am not into the cropped style.
My selections for box 3 of Rebecca Taylor RNTD

What I Don’t Like About the Service:

  1. The Pricing on Items
    This isn’t a hard and fast dislike because I have purchased one item this far. However, the item I purchased was 60% off – yet was still full-price in stores. However, another item I received (which I had actually purchased online around the same time) was 15% off through the service while it was a markdown on their regular website with an additional 40% off. Through the service it would have been about $220 for the worn one but I purchased it at about $100 brand new. Now, I would give them the benefit of the doubt with this though because an additional percentage is not a common occurrence and the system is new. But still, I will think twice before buying another item.
  2. Every “Box” has actually come in two separate boxes
    Correct. So I have received three shipments thus far and it has arrived in six boxes. Now, this is a small gripe because every item is wrapped and folded neatly and not squished into the boxes. But, it is better for our planet if they limited the number of boxes being sent at once.

The Verdict?

Well, I haven’t quite decided yet. At this moment I am still using the service. My second billing is coming up and I haven’t any plans to cancel before it comes due. For the most part, I am enjoying the ability to wear cute things once and then not have to feel guilty about not wearing them again! For me, that is a really nice point to the wardrobe rental. Of course, I still wear tons of things I own and I haven’t stopped purchasing items. So I am being a bit more strategic with what I am putting in my closet to be sent to me. Now, I am selecting many more dresses and statement blouses that I can pair with items I already own. I don’t need to rent a pair of trousers or jeans because I already own several pairs I really like. However, very specific printed dresses and blouses I can wear once and then send back. I am happy I got to wear the item but I am not upset I don’t have to wear it again.

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