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I Tried Style Boxes – Here’s My Thoughts

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I decided to try style boxes during quarantine to see if any of the styling companies would be able to really understand my style and select items for me. Initially I was interested in Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and Daily Look. However, in the Daily Look pre-questionnaire they did not offer my size as an option. They went up to a large/12. I am a L/XL/14. I was actually really bummed by this. You would think in this day and age they would at least have a full size range, if not plus sizes as well.

Overall, I preferred the Trunk Club service. Their product (Nordstrom) was higher quality and served my personal style more. Stitch Fix absolutely failed at styling me. I think they looked at my age and just assumed I would want to wear the same thing every other kid is wearing. The problem is that I am 27, not 20, and I never dressed in crop tops and other trendy items. The worst part about the Stitch Fix box was a dress they sent me. First, it was absolutely not my style and second, it was $228 and not even sewn right! It wasn’t a quality brand or even made of nice fabric. It was a Forever 21 dress priced in a contemporary price range. I don’t mind spending decent money on a dress (maybe not $228) if it is worth it. But this certainly wasn’t.

Please check out the video below for all the items I was sent and how they worked for me. I don’t think I will be doing any more style boxes in the future. Certainly not Stitch Fix. Perhaps Trunk Club (it is free with a Nordstrom card) if I have a need for the service. But I do not live so far away from stores that I can’t shop for myself.

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